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Scotland's Cities


No visit to Scotland is complete without time spent in Edinburgh, Scotland's world-famous capital city. Dominated by its iconic Castle, Edinburgh is unique in having two city centres, the Old Town and the New Town. 


  • Compare, contrast and enjoy the differences between the ancient and quaint Old Town and the stylish New Town - two centres for the price of one!

  • Walk to your heart's content - few other cities are as rewarding and easy to explore  on foot as Edinburgh

  • Take photos to your heart's content! Not only is Edinburgh compact, it is wonderfully  photogenic  

  • Be inspired by fabulous displays of art, history, anthropology, science, and much, much more in Edinburgh's world-class art galleries and museums

  • Taste and enjoy what Edinburgh's wonderful restaurants, cafes, wine bars and pubs have to offer.

  • Immerse yourself in Edinburgh's rich cultural and night life -  this is after all the home of the  most famous arts festival in the world, but the fun doesn't stop when the Festival does!     



"Let Glasgow flourish", "Glasgow's miles better" (or "Glasgow smiles better " however you want to read it), "People make Glasgow" - Glasgow's mottos over the years speak volumes for the city. 

The people of Glasgow (aka Glaswegians) do make the place -  Glasgow is a very friendly city, and its people have a wonderful sense of humour.      

  • Marvel at the outstanding Victorian, art nouveau and modern architecture

  • Soak up the atmosphere of one the UK's prime shopping precincts - known far and wide as "the Style Mile"

  • Enjoy Glasgow's world-class museums and galleries

  • Indulge yourself in top restaurants and a world-class cultural offering 

  • Relax in some of the largest and most beautiful  parks  to be found in  any city

The list goes on - Scotland is blessed with a number of wonderful cities, large and small 

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