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The Lowlands and the East Coast

The Lowlands mean everything that isn't Highlands! In other words the southern half of Scotland and the strip of fertile land all along the east coast (light green on the map here).  


All of Scotland's major mountains lie, surprise surprise, in the Highlands. But don't think that the Lowlands are  flat and dull. Far from it, some of Scotland's loveliest hill country is in the Lowlands, especially in the the area in the south towards the border with England, known, of course,  as the Borders.      


The bit of the Scottish mainland where it is narrowest between the east and west coast is known as the 'Central Belt'. It is actually a broad valley between the Highlands and the hill country of the Borders, though with many hills dotted around. Including the great cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, around two thirds of the Scottish population live in the Central Belt.      

With a great variety of landscapes, superb coastlines, cities, charming small towns and villages, and sites illustrating  the full sweep of  Scottish history from earliest times to the modern day, there really is something for everyone in the Scottish Lowlands!


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